Week Eight Theme :: Shifting Global Power | Interfaith Lecture Theme: Soft Power

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Power is shifting on the international stage. It always has been. In this week we focus on the geopolitical hot-spots of the moment, examining the new holders, and even the new definitions, of global power.

  • Each day, we explore one topic or definition of power, and identify the major players in that arena.
  • How is power even defined, beyond money and military might? Is it natural resources, technology, education, diplomacy and aid, culture?
  • As power shifts, so too do identities and values. Are there ways power ought to shift?

Interfaith Lecture Theme :: Soft Power

Power is often conflated with might, but increasingly faith traditions are promoting new paradigms for conflict transformation, understanding, and collaboration through shared visions and ideals, restorative practices, relationship-building, and rituals – all the components of soft power. In this week we will learn from those who are utilizing soft power for global peacemaking, reconciliation, and quality of life.