Week Two Theme :: Uncommon Ground: Communities Working Toward Solutions | Interfaith Lecture Theme: Communities Working Toward the Common Good

Saturday, June 29, 2019

In an age of divisive posturing at the national level, are communities uniquely positioned to come together on the toughest issues, to find a way forward for the common good? We recognize the role of communities in effecting real change, and present a solutions-focused week of power and promise.

  • Each day, we highlight case studies of communities at work, finding sustainable solutions to society’s most pressing problems.
  • What conditions must exist for community stakeholders to engage one another, and who needs to be at the table? What’s possible when there isn’t a shared sense of community? Do differences need to be bridged in order for solutions to be found and sustained?

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Interfaith Lecture Theme :: Communities Working Toward the Common Good

At times when the world seems conflicted, humanity continues to find ways to be its best advocate toward its highest aspirations. In this week we welcome examples of communities that are recognizing needs and responding in life-enhancing ways to actualize their hearts’ best intentions for the common good.