Chautauqua Institution is proud to serve as a year-round resource for arts-integrated teacher training and development, bringing best-practice educational techniques to classroom teachers to present the arts to students as part of their daily classroom activities.

Chautauqua Institution has been granted certification from the New York State Education Department to offer Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) credits to teachers who teach in New York state. The courses offered through CI Arts Education offer these credits, which vary by course.

CI Arts Education presents the Kennedy Center Partners in Education series, which provides professional development workshops in arts integration strategies, led by teaching artists affiliated with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Students in area schools will collaborate with the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra in Link Up: The Orchestra Rocks, a music education program provided by Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute (WMI). Students participating in Link Up will attend a culminating concert on Sunday, July 5 at the Amphitheater, where they sing, play the recorder and string instruments with the orchestra from their seats – becoming the center of a collaborative musical experience for all.

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Construction projects currently underway on Chautauqua Institution public facilities and streets:

  • Water Line Replacement
    The Chautauqua Utility District, with assistance from Chautauqua's Buildings and Grounds personnel, begins work Monday, Sept. 21, to replace a water line on Whittier from Wythe to and past the dead end above the Coyle Tennis Courts. The work is expected to take a little more than a week. Property owners whose service and/or properties will be affected will be contacted in person by CUD personnel.

National Fuel, Chautauqua Utility District, National Grid, and all utility suppliers whose customers are affected by construction and upgrades are responsible for notifying their customers of service disruptions and any need to access properties to re-light pilot lights following completion of their work. If you would like more information, please contact them directly, at the numbers provided below for your convenience:

National Fuel

Chautauqua Utility District

National Grid

You may contact Chautauqua Institution Operations Office during regular weekday business hours at 716-357-6245.

Important Documents:

ALU Compliance Certificate Application (PDF)

ALU Compliance Certificate Ledger

ALU Regulations (PDF)

Architects List (PDF)

Contractor Authorization Certificate (PDF)

Rules and Regulations (PDF)

2020 Contractor List

Important Contacts


Please DO NOT Obstruct or Block Roadways Without Receiving Authorization At Least 24 Hours In Advance
Please find off-street parking for your vehicles — do not park in grass, roadways or walkways

October 15, 2020

Dear Contractors:

We are happy to see all of the property improvements happening again at Chautauqua, and to see all of the incredible craftsmanship and work that you are doing for this community! We recognize that this work requires substantial resources, including equipment, materials, personnel and vehicles, often packed into narrow open spaces and roadways. However, this also is a problem. Please recall that you all promised to find off-street parking for your vehicles and if not possible nearby, you promised to drop-off what you need to and park in the North, South or Main lots. You also agreed to all of the Architectural & Land Use Regulations and Rules & Regulations of Chautauqua Institution.
Please do not obstruct or block roadways without receiving authorization from the Office of Campus Planning & Operations at least 24 hours in advance. Please find off-street parking in Institution lots, or in a spot where you have secured permission to park from the owner. Do not park on grass, on walkways or in ways that obstruct traffic or views. Please consider this the first warning for violators. We will begin issuing traffic tickets from Chautauqua Police Department and penalties from our Administrator of Architectural & Land Use Regulations should we see these circumstances continuing, starting immediately.
Thank you so much for doing the work that you do, and for cooperating with the Architectural & Land Use Regulations and Rules & Regulations of Chautauqua Institution. If you have questions or wish to apply for a temporary road closure, please contact Jennifer Majewski at 716-357-6245. She will confer with our Grounds staff and Chautauqua Police Department to receive proper authorization for the temporary closures.

John L. Shedd, AIA
Vice President of Campus Planning and Operations | 716.357.6245

The built environment is an integral and vital component of the fabric of Chautauqua. Private property owners have the privilege and responsibility to improve and maintain this fabric through revitalization efforts as well as the occasional construction of a new dwelling. This effort is only possible with the pool of talented professional contractors that commit to using their experience in this critical effort as well.

Being a unique place, there are unique circumstances under which capital improvement projects can be accomplished. As private property and an Historic District, there are certain processes, rules and regulations that have been put in place to help maintain Chautauqua’s national historic significance and presence. The Architectural and Land Use Regulations (ALU) was created for this purpose and the procedures that are required flow out of the need for continual and steadfast enforcement of the ALU.

The information contained on this page as well as the links to PDF documents and forms will help the homeowners, architects and contractors walk down the road to successful design and construction within the confines of the regulations. The following gives a brief overview of methods and process for completion of work within Chautauqua. The Operations Office is always available and willing to assist through the various stages along the way. 

Process Chart

How To Work Here – What To Do

To be authorized to work on the grounds of Chautauqua Institution:

  1. Know and understand the Architectural and Land Use Regulations (ALU)
  • Request a printed copy ($25) from the Operation Office
  • Access it for free on our website
  • Schedule an appointment with the Administrator
  1. Complete a Contractor Authorization Certificate form and submit to the Operations Office
  • Request a printed copy from the Operation Office
  • Download it from our website
  • Return form in person, by mail or email to the Operations Office
  • Renew every year – by end of Season (August), Operations Office will send out new forms
  1. Activate or purchase new Contractor Vehicle Pass and hang on mirror – ALL YEAR
  • $10 one-time cost
  • Must contact operations office with Pass # to reactivate
  • Applies to all contractors and their employees

In order to complete projects on the grounds of Chautauqua Institution:

  1. Refer to Compliance Process Matrix to determine level of action required
  • See Article 6.3 of the ALU
  1. Submit completed Compliance Certificate Application to Operations Office
  • Can be done by either the Owner or Contractor
  • Schedule an appointment with the Administrator – I will guide you
  • Forms available from the Operations Office
  • Download it from our website
  • Return application and any documents in person, by mail or email to the Operations Office
  1. Review Process
  • Administrator and/or Architectural Review Board
  • Administrator will advise throughout and notify when approval complete
  • Operations Office will fax completed Certificate to Town of Chautauqua when relevant for a Building Permit
  1. Pick up, submit payment for and post the Compliance Certificate
  • Fees per the schedule
  • Violations and additional Fees if Certificate not posted
  • Work not to start until Certificate is approved and posted (unless written permission is granted from the Administrator) 


2013 ALU Revisions


At its annual end-of-season meeting on Saturday, Aug. 24, Chautauqua Institution’s board of trustees approved revisions to its Architectural and Land Use (ALU) Regulations, which will go into effect on Dec. 1, 2013.

The revised regulations include several important changes aimed at benefitting property owners and the larger Chautauqua community going forward:

  • The new regulations are geared toward preserving existing structures through restoration or renovation and discourage demolition. The process for renovation approval has been streamlined and simplified.
  • The new regulations have been designed to be clear, straight-forward and quantifiable. Definitions and requirements are more comprehensive, and quantitative measures have been defined for setbacks, height limits, percentage of green space and building size, to name a few. This information will help ensure consistent results.
  • The new regulations create 5 distinct districts (formerly 18) based on the character of buildings, lot layout patterns, building heights, setbacks, appearances and uses. We feel that the impact of this change on current property owners will be minimal since it’s reflective of existing conditions, allows for more uniform rules and regulations, and grandfather provisions will be made for prior compliant situations that are not compliant with new regulations.
  • The new regulations require that each project recognizes either the existing architectural style of a building or utilizes an academically identifiable architectural style for new construction.
  • Within each of the 5 districts a box or envelope has been created that follows the pattern in that district. Projects that work within that box or envelope will be reviewed by the Institution’s Architectural and Land Use Administrator even when a substantial rehabilitation project is proposed. Currently all substantial rehabilitation projects are reviewed by the Architectural Review Board.


Chautauqua Institution is proud to serve as a year-round resource for arts-integrated teacher training and development, bringing best-practice educational techniques to classroom teachers to present the arts to students as part of their daily classroom activities.

2020–2021 Kennedy Center Partners in Education Professional Development Flyer



About Kennedy Partners

PiE BannerAs a Kennedy Center Partners in Education team, Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua Lake Central School and Jamestown Public Schools present professional development workshops in Arts Integration. These workshops bring Kennedy Center national workshop leaders to help local educators learn new strategies toward achieving student learning goals. The teaching strategies introduced integrate the performing and visual arts with other core areas such as reading, math and science. Participating educators receive professional development credit towards their certification goals, as approved by their district. 

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Creative Connections: Bringing School Communities Together Virtually Through the Arts
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Acting Right: Actor’s Toolbox/Concentration Circle
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Chautauqua Institution is a summer community located in southwestern New York State on Chautauqua Lake. Chautauqua specializes in the arts, education, religion and recreation and hosts over 2,200 events and 100,000 guests each summer.

Chautauqua is dedicated to the exploration of the best in human values and the enrichment of life through a program that explores the important religious, social and political issues of our times; stimulates provocative, thoughtful involvement of individuals and families in creative response to such issues; and promotes excellence and creativity in the appreciation, performance and teaching of the arts.

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onthegroundsThe “On the Grounds” section of the Chautauqua Institution website is designed to keep community members informed on the status of Institution projects, major initiatives considered by the Board of Trustees and environmental issues. Also provided is a menu of resources for property owners, including Institution rules and regulations, Architectural Review Board information, Institution staff contact information and FAQ.

“On the Grounds” will continue to provide updates throughout the off-season.