In the final week of CHQ’s 2015 season, we will explore how to create communities that can in turn help us live healthier, more fulfilling lives in more beautiful and sustainable places.
Our speakers are all actively working to create, transform or sustain purposely designed neighbourhoods, communities and cities.

 Attendees also will have access to Chautauqua Institution’s diverse artistic, educational and recreational offerings, including evening performances, golf, tennis and sailing.

Griffin ToniL 1045am 082415  Fallows James 1045am 082615  Fallows Deborah 1045am 082615  Kent Muhtar 1045am 082515  kathleensebelius  LaHood Ray 1045am 082815
Toni L. Griffin
August 24
James Fallows
August 25
Deborah Fallows
August 25
Muhtar Kent
August 26
Kathleen Sebelius
August 27
Ray LaHood
August 28