This week we've heard a rumor circulating that heavy equipment and materials will be parked in Miller Park during construction at the Amp. Please be assured that this is not true. Construction staging areas are likely to be the South Lot, upper (overflow) lot and the Amp site itself. Thanks to those in the community who've alerted us to this misinformation — please always feel welcome to contact me at the email or phone number listed at right if you have questions or concerns.

Dear Chautauquans:

I write to update you with photos of the significant progress our construction crews have made at the Amphitheater site since my last message just a week ago. As we communicated then, work this winter and spring focuses mainly on the back-of-house area and the perimeter of the front-of-house. Included at the bottom of this message for your easy reference are the list of tasks for this pre-season construction phase and diagrams showing the planned back-of-house removal, construction site outline and construction routes in and out of the grounds. Remember that Amphitheater work will pause for the 2016 season and the facility will be fully operable to welcome audiences and programs this summer.