Enhance your symphony experience by becoming a member of Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra League or Symphony Patrons.

Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra League

Music is such a big part of CHQ. Increase your fun and pleasure by being a member of Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra League. Only at CHQ can an audience member immerse themselves in the process of music making and all that goes with it. Have you ever had a question about an instrument, how a piece comes together as it does, why a musician chose their particular instrument, what the conductor’s intent was in their interpretation? At CHQ, you can find this out and more.

We welcome you, so come and enjoy the members-only picnic with the orchestra and Open Rehearsal at Elizabeth S. Lenna Hall, meet the musicians, and have fun. We look forward to another great summer in 2017 with music and friendship.

To join, please send your check payable to Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra League for $30 Family or $15 individual to P.O. Box 751, Chautauqua, NY 14722.

If you are interested in volunteering, please so indicate with your check. Volunteers are always welcome for membership, to assist at events, hospitality or as needed.

CSO League Brochure

Symphony Patrons

When you become a Symphony Patron, you can take satisfaction in knowing that your membership gift to the Chautauqua Foundation will be used to endow the CSO. Your gift not only ensures the continuation of classical music at CHQ, but also provides reserved seating in the Amphitheater for select CSO performances. The Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s StoneTM in Concert performance on July 29 has the regular popular entertainment preferred seating, but no Symphony Patron Seating.

Symphony Patrons Brochure