The Silkroad Ensemble

Monday, August 06, 2018

Location Lenna Hall

Gate pass required. Purchase at our Main Gate Welcome Center, (716) 357-6250

The musicians of the Grammy Award-winning Silkroad Ensemble represent dozens of nationalities and artistic traditions, from Spain and Japan to Syria and the United States. The Ensemble is a musical collective that appears in many configurations and settings, and this concert focuses on intimate groups of two and three and a grand finale. The Ensemble performs throughout the world, and has recorded six albums. Its Grammy Award-winning album, Sing Me Home, was developed and recorded alongside the 2016 documentary feature about Silkroad, The Music of Strangers.

Shane Shanahan, percussion
Joseph Gramley, percussion
Haruka Fuji, percussion
Sandeep Das, tabla
Cristina Pato, gaita
Kinan Azmeh, clarinet
Jeff Beecher, bass



Shane Shanahan: Saidi Swing   [5']

Tony Scott: All is not one...?   [3']

Vijay Iyer: Part Zero from Playlist for an Extreme Occasion   [3']

Trad Galician: Munieras   [4']

Kojiro Umezaki (Cycles):  America   [5']

Sandeep Das: Ashoka   [13']

Cristina Pato: My Lethe Story   [14']

Mathias Schmitt: Ghanaia   [8']

Kinan Azmeh and Jeff Beecher: Syrian Improvisation   [4']

Kinan Azmeh: Wedding   [6’]