There will be auditions for chamber music groups during the first week of the program. There is no requirement for this, just come prepared with a piece you are familiar with and keep it around 5 minutes.

Chamber Music is scheduled for all sections of the orchestra in two distinct phases. The first phase is with faculty coaches between weeks 2 to 4, and the second phase is with guest coaches and different repertoire between weeks 5 to 6.At the end of each phase every group will perform at least part of the studied repertoire on a public recital.

The second chamber music phase is intense. During this period no orchestral rehearsals are scheduled. String players, including basses, will be placed in either a quartet or in a string chamber music orchestra. Woodwind and Horn players will be coached and coordinated by Diana Haskell in a combination of trios, quintets and octets. Scott Hartman will coordinate the entire brass section during this phase. Each group will be coached every day until it is scheduled for public performance during week 6. Chamber music is chaired by Arie Lipsky.