Master class GavrylyukAlexander Gavrylyuk conducting a master class

The 2017 Chautauqua Piano Program will expose young musicians to a variety of approaches to music-making and to creating a life in music. Sasha Gavrylyuk, Nicola Melville, and John Milbauer will provide weekly lesson and class structure for all students, while an impressive array of guest faculty artists will bring fresh and diverse perspectives each week.

Guest recitals: our guest piano faculty will present an exciting series of recitals and concerti with the CSO throughout the five week festival. 

Master classes: multiple opportunities every week for students to learn as they perform for piano faculty, fellow students, and members of the public.

Performance classes: a more formal weekly class that provides important recital performance experience.

Q&A: a chance for extended conversation to discuss any aspect of our musical lives with our prestigious guest faculty.

Private Lessons: most of our guest faculty will be teaching private lessons during their residency. Opportunities for lessons with guests will be distributed evenly among participants throughout the summer.

In addition to these experiences in the Piano Department, there are solo and chamber music student recitals scheduled throughout the summer festival by the School of Music. We are certain that all our piano students will be delighted with the wealth and breadth of opportunities for inspiration and growth. There is no other program like Chautauqua Piano 2017.


"The unique atmosphere of CHQ, the great working facilities, the opportunity to study under the guidance of different teachers, the possibility to perform and the amazing feast of performances and conferences one can attend (thanks to the CHQ Festival) makes it now one of the best summer programs to learn and grow for serious students of all levels.


– Evelyne Brancart, Professor, Indiana University