Each week, two of our 2020 Young Artists will draw inspiration from Chautauqua Institution’s weekly theme and weekly interfaith theme to curate Spotify playlists for your listening pleasure. We hope these playlists provide inspiration, joy, and a chance to engage with these themes in a different way.

Week One Playlists:
Curated by Celeste Godin, inspired by the theme Climate Change: Prioritizing Our Global and Local Response
Curated by Zachary Barba, inspired by the interfaith theme Faith to Save the Earth

Week Two Playlists:
Curated by Max Potter, inspired by the theme Forces Unseen: What Shapes Our Daily Lives
Curated by Yazid Gray, inspired by the interfaith theme Forces that Shape Our Daily Lives: The Contemporary Search for Spirituality

Week Three Playlists:
Curated by Kelly Guerra, inspired by the theme Art and Democracy
Curated by Hilary Grace Taylor, inspired by the interfaith theme Art: A Glimpse into the Divine

Week Four Playlists:
Curated by Jared V. Esguerra, inspired by the theme The Ethics of Tech: Scientific, Corporate and Personal Responsibility 
Curated by Nicole Heinen, inspired by the interfaith theme Ethics in a Technologically Transforming World

Week Five Playlists:
Curated by Samina Aslam, inspired by the theme The Women's Vote Centennial and Beyond
Curated by Shafali Jalota, inspired by the interfaith themeThe Feminine Spirit

Week Six Playlists:
Curated by Nicole Heinen, inspired by the theme Rebuilding Public Education
Curated by Aaren Rivard, inspired by the interfaith themeLessons in the School House