"Supers" (Supernumeraries) are people of all ages who volunteer their time and act as "extras" in Chautauqua Opera productions. Volunteers may perform as waiters, guards, townsfolk, etc. according to the production's needs. We look for enthusiastic and dependable people of all ages and types. 

If a need for Supers in the 2020 season arises, it will be announced in June. If you have a residence in Chautauqua County and would like to be notified when this announcement is made, please email

Children's Chorus

For children who sing, the Chautauqua Opera often offers the opportunity to perform throughout the summer season. Under the supervision of Music Administrator/ Chorus Master, Carol Rausch, the children's chorus is exposed to a rich and varied musical experience as well as an authentic theatre environment. The children's chorus will work with directors, singers, actors and musicians. As a result of all these contacts, they can learn teamwork and responsibility as well as respect for their own talents and those of their fellow performers. Many have gone on to further their drama and musical experience; all have deepened their appreciation of the performing arts.

We anticipate a need for a Children's Chorus in the 2020 season. Details will be announced in June.