Directory of staff telephone numbers and email addresses. CHQ's primary administrative offices are located in the Colonnade on Bestor Plaza.


Chautauqua Institution President's Office

EmailMichael E. Hill President  
EmailMatt Ewalt Chief of Staff 716.357.6246
EmailRindy Barmore Executive Assistant 716.357.6222

Performing and Visual Arts

EmailDeborah Sunya Moore Vice President of Performing and Visual Arts  716.357.6232
EmailSteven Slaff Managing Director of Performing and Visual Arts 716.357.6217
EmailDawn Spicer-Dake Housing Coordinator 716.357.6249
EmailSarah Malinoski-Umberger Coordinator of Student Services 716.357.6233
EmailLisa Gierszal Assistant to the Vice President/Performing
Arts Coordinator
EmailJennifer Jansen Performing and Visual Arts Project Manager  

Treasurer's Office

EmailSebastian Baggiano Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer  716.357.6218
EmailJulie Fisher Executive Assistant 716.357.6212
EmailRichard Erickson Director of Accounting 716.357.6307
EmailTena Dills Director of Payroll 716.357.6228
EmailRachel Kinal Assistant Controller 716.357.6479
EmailDebie Coburn Financial Office 716.357.6224
EmailCindy Mando Director of Information Services 716.357.6260

Education and Youth Services

EmailDavid Griffith Vice President/
Emily and Richard Smucker Chair for Education
EmailAtom Atkinson Director of Literary Arts 716.357.6255
EmailEmily Carpenter Education Department Coordinator 716.357.6310
EmailScott Ekstrom Director, Smith Memorial Library 716.357.6296
EmailKaren Schiavone Special Studies and Youth Programs Associate 716.357.6290
EmailJonathan Schmitz Archivist 716.357.6332
EmailSara Toth Lecture & Literary Arts Associate 716.357.6376


EmailMeg Pickard Director of Recreation/
Fitness Center Manager
EmailElizabeth Freay Fitness Center Asst. Manager/
Aquatics Supervisor
EmailTroy Moss Head Golf Professional 716.357.6211
EmailTrevor Burlingame Golf Superintendent 716.357.6304

Marketing and Communications

EmailEmily F. Morris, Ph.D. Vice President of Marketing and Communications/Chief Brand Officer 716.357.6230
EmailJordan Steves Director of Communications
(Media Relations)
EmailDeb LeBarron Customer Experience
and Marketing Assistant
EmailMyra Peterson Accommodations Manager 716.357.6231
EmailRay Downey Graphic Designer/
Multi-Media Manager
EmailKaren Williams Director of Guest Experience 716.357.6300
EmailErin Ackerman Assistant Manager of Ticketing 716.357.6337
EmailLeslie Calimeri Digital Communications Manager 716.357.6346
EmailMegan Borgstrom Graphic and Digital Content Designer 716.357.6248
EmailVanessa Weinert Director of Marketing and Analytics  716.357.6402
EmailJim Freay Office Services
and Equipment Administrator

Campus Planning and Operations

EmailJohn Shedd Vice President of Campus Planning and Operations 716.357.6245
EmailDavid Williams Administrator of Architectural and Land Use Regulations/Capital Projects Manager 716.357.6400
EmailJennifer Majewski Administrative Assistant 716.357.6245
EmailAlan Akin Chief of Police 716.357.6225
EmailJack Munella Manager of Buildings and Grounds 716.357.6237
EmailBetsy Burgeson Supervisor of Gardens and Landscapes 716.357.6326
BlankCindy Williams Housekeeping Manager 716.357.6325
EmailConstance Paul Accounts Payable 716.357.6267

Department of Religion

EmailThe Right Rev. V. Gene Robinson Vice President of Religion 716.357.6242
EmailMaureen Rovegno Director of Religion 716.357.6386
EmailCarolyn Snider Administrative Assistant 716.357.6274


Conferencing / Extended Programming / Group Sales

EmailBruce Stanton Athenaeum Hotel General Manager 716.357.4444
EmailLaurie Paterniti-Stanton Manager of Group Sales 
& Senior Programming
716.357.6262 or 357.6269
EmailEarl Rothfus Bookstore Manager 716.357.2151
EmailCarly Davis Special Events Administrator 716.357.6389

IT Services

EmailCindy Mando Director of IT 716.357.6260

Chautauqua Foundation

EmailFundGeof Follansbee Vice President/
CEO, Chautauqua Foundation
EmailFundLinda Jordan Loomis Corporate Secretary/ 
Assistant to CEO, Chautauqua Foundation
EmailFundJackie Chagnon Stewardship and Donor Relations 716.357.6407
EmailFundChris Baglia Gift Administrator 716.357.6214
EmailFundDeborah E. Moore Chief Financial Officer 716.357.6408
EmailFundDustin Nelson Director of Gift Planning 716.357.6409
EmailFundTina Downey Director of the Chautauqua Fund 716.357.6406
EmailFundKaren Blozie Senior Major Gifts Officer 716.357.6244
EmailFundMegan Sorenson Associate Director of the Chautauqua Fund/
Communications Manager
EmailFundNicole Szydlo Senior Researcher and Coordinator of Information Strategy 716.357.6371
EmailFundJosh Auflick Research Associate 716.357.6447
EmailFundLeah Stow Assistant Director of the Chautauqua Fund 716.357.6405