A matching gift is a donation from the company you work for—or have retired from—to a charitable organization of your designation. An increasing number of companies are offering matching gifts for both employees and retirees, investing in their philanthropic interests. Each company varies in policy, as well as by their percentage of a match.  Utilizing a matching gift is a significant and easy way to maximize the impact of your generosity. To see if your company has a matching gift program, check with your employer’s Human Resource/Personnel office or type in the company name at https://doublethedonation.com/giving-tuesday/ to access instructions for participating corporations.  Make your gift count even more.... Inspire a corporate matching gift!



The key attributes of unspecified and other forms of endowment are permanence, in the form of resources secured and stewarded for the perpetual benefit of Chautauqua; predictability, that is, the one financial resource in the annual budgeting exercise that can be known in advance of the conduct of the program; and either flexibility or certainty. Flexibility is gained to the degree that resources are not dedicated to a specific, narrowly defined application and, thus, they recognize and enable essential creativity. Certainty is attained in the case of intentionally specific applications of endowments (for facilities or scholarships, for example) to an area deemed a permanent commitment.


There could be no clearer or more affirming signal of your commitment to this special place than with a gift of unspecified endowment. For most Chautauquans, the totality of the experience means soaking in all that CHQ has to offer—a wide breadth of programs, a beautiful setting, and a community of people that collectively create CHQ. Affirming the totality of CHQ, recognizing that indeed, as a whole is worth more than the sum of its parts, is the message of unspecified endowment.

Supporting unspecified endowment recognizes that every aspect of CHQ must be tended to, that the CHQ we leave behind for the generations that follow must be one that celebrates all the ways we affirm the living of lives that contribute to society's well-being. It is hard to imagine how the country and the world will change in the next fifty or one-hundred years. CHQ will need to adapt to those changes if it is to continue to contribute to the exploration of the best of human values. The one resource that will best allow us to do so is unspecified endowment.

Recognition Opportunities

CHQ provides recognition opportunities for restricted gifts that create endowments or term funds. Recognition is associated with endowed funds as long as the endowments exist, and with term funds until they are completely expended. Named gifts may be used to recognize the donor, memorialize a loved one, or honor a friend, while supporting a worthy purpose of your choice – whether for scholarships to outstanding students, for the lecture platform, in support of the religion department, for Chautauqua’s Schools of Fine and Performing Arts, in support of the grounds including buildings and gardens or other programs.

Endowment Management

The Foundation's Investment Committee oversees the policies, strategies and performance of invested assets. For funds held in perpetuity, our belief is that good long term investment performance, in terms of both risk and return, is dependent on prudent asset allocation among appropriate classes of assets and diversification within individual classes. The overall objective of the Foundation investment program is to maintain and grow the real, inflation-adjusted, value of endowment assets while providing a predictable and growing stream of support to the Institution.

As long-term investors, the Foundation allocates 80% of its invested assets to equity or equity surrogates; the balance is held in fixed income investments. The equity allocation contains allocations to both hedge funds and private equity.

The Foundation retains Hirtle, Callaghan & Co., Inc. of West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, as Chief Investment Officer to direct this process. Hirtle, Callaghan is responsible for the selection of individual money managers except the allocations to Blackstone Alternative Asset Management's Park Fund and to Pointer Management, two distinct fund of hedge funds.

Regularly, the Institution seeks philanthropic support for the major renovation of existing structures and the construction of new program and residential facilities based on programmatic priorities and its strategic plan. Recent examples include the Amphitheater project—the single largest capital project accomplished in Chautauqua’s history—as well as the Oliver Archives, Hagen-Wensley House, Fowler-Kellogg Art Center, Strohl Art Center, Fletcher Music Hall, and Connolly Residence Hall.

Chautauqua is privileged to have the support of community partners who make possible maintaining the standard of excellence for programming which is the hallmark of the CHQ experience. Without the philanthropic assistance provided by corporate sponsorships, CHQ would be unable to present the artistic and cultural programming that so enriches the quality of life in this region.

Every effort is made to tailor sponsorships so they meet the specific desires of community partners. By offering diverse forms of promotion—which vary according to the desired level of visibility and a partner’s general needs or expectations—there is an intrinsic flexibility with sponsorship opportunities. Examples include sponsoring a lecture (including the highly visible 10:45 am lectures featuring renowned speakers), a symphony performance, a weekly lecture series, or an Amphitheater special event.

Popular evening shows in the Amphitheater, alone, have included often sold-out performances by Sheryl Crow, Jay Leno, The Beach Boys, Garrison Keillor, The Avett Brothers, and other top entertainers. Reserved seating is provided for community partners, their clients, and/or employees plus a limited number of free and/or reduced price tickets, and the group receives a special escort to the Amphitheater prior to the event. Some sponsors also elect to host a private reception at the Athenaeum Hotel before the performance.

Planned gifts are deferred contributions which you can make through your will, retirement plan, trust, or other life-income plan, to name but a few options. They all offer attractive tax benefits, some of which can be immediate, particularly when you choose to fund your gift with appreciated securities, as you will reduce or eliminate capital gains tax.

Most important, planned gifts are added to Chautauqua’s endowment, ensuring that the programming quality experienced through all four of Chautauqua’s pillars – Arts, Education, Religion and Recreation, will continue for years to come.


Types of Gifts



A bequest is the easiest and most common way to make a planned gift. It can be as simple as including CHQ in your will either as a percentage of your estate or for a specific dollar amount. You can also bequeath tangible personal property. The great advantage of a bequest is that you don’t have to part with any of your assets during your lifetime. In addition, you may eliminate or reduce federal estate taxes.

A bequest can be made in one of the following ways:

  1. Specific Bequest: Name Chautauqua Foundation, Inc. as a beneficiary of your estate.

  2. Residuary Bequest: Once all estate obligations have been satisfied, i.e., taxes, debts, expenses, as well as other bequests, what remains is given to CHQ.

  3. Contingent Bequest: This type of bequest is conditioned on the occurrence of an event, i.e., one or more of your beneficiaries predecease you, in which case, CHQ becomes the beneficiary.

The following language may be helpful when arranging a bequest to CHQ:
Our legal name: Chautauqua Foundation, Inc.

I give ($______ ) (or a specific asset such as securities, real estate or other property), or (___ percent) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate to Chautauqua Foundation, Inc., in Chautauqua, New York, for its general support of Chautauqua Institution.

By making a bequest to CHQ, you are entitled to become a member of the Eleanor B. Daugherty Society.

* Please note that any type of planned gift you are considering should be discussed with your own professional advisors.



The Eleanor B. Daugherty Society

By making a planned gift to Chautauqua Foundation, Inc, you are entitled to become a member of the Eleanor B. Daugherty Society, a group of Chautauquans who have included Chautauqua Foundation in their will or other estate plans. Click here to learn more about membership benefits. 

Chautauqua Foundation Planned Giving Committee


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