For many, Chautauqua is home in the most profound sense—a place to learn, to grow, to live securely, to revel in an environment of physical beauty. By supporting the Chautauqua Fund you are helping to provide a place where issues of the day are explored and the arts continue to flourish. There are exciting, new ways to maximize your generosity during the giving season.

In the final week of CHQ’s 2015 season, we will explore how to create communities that can in turn help us live healthier, more fulfilling lives in more beautiful and sustainable places.
Our speakers are all actively working to create, transform or sustain purposely designed neighbourhoods, communities and cities.

KarenwilliamssmallChautauqua Institution enters the 2014 season with a renewed emphasis on improving the customer experience on the grounds, led by a new customer experience manager who will devise and implement an overall, long-term roadmap.
“We do a great job as a staff in putting together top-notch programming, but it hasn’t been clear once that’s all in place whose responsibility it is to make sure the guest experience lives up to the programming,” said George Murphy, vice president and chief marketing officer. “This isn’t just ticketing or a marketing issue — this cuts to the heart of the overall experience. To put a process in place to drive this kind of institutional change, you need to have someone with the right background.”

TbensinksmallVisitors to CHQ can now enjoy a new dining experience with a new chef at the Athenaeum Hotel this summer. The space that’s been known simply as the dining room has transformed into Heirloom Restaurant at the Athenaeum Hotel, with executive chef Travis Bensink.


WQED documentary provides behind-the-scenes access to Chautauqua Schools of Fine and Performing Arts

A new, hourlong documentary following four students of Chautauqua Institution’s Schools of Performing Arts premieres at 8 p.m. Thursday on WQED-TV, the Pittsburgh PBS affiliate. “Chautauqua: Charting a Life in the Arts” tracks the progress of violinist Adé Williams, singer Jean-Michel Richer and sibling dancers Colby and Christina Clark through their auditions, practices and performances during CHQ’s 2013 season.