About the Company

0708 Opera RLG03master 2Founded in 1929, The Chautauqua Opera Company is North America's oldest continuously operating summer opera company and 4th oldest opera company after the Metropolitan Opera, Cincinnati Opera and San Francisco Opera. 

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Past Productions

MAnon AB 128 copyView some of Chautuauqua Opera's past productions.

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Guest Artists

DSC 1908Chautauqua Opera mainstage performances feature internationally acclaimed artists in principal roles.

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Composer-in-Residence Program

Gity Razaz Composer in ResidenceIn July/August 2016, American Opera Projects and Chautauqua Opera launched a multi-year Composer-in-Residence initiative. Each summer one alumni of AOP's Composers & the Voice Fellowship will be invited to be in residence for Chautauqua Opera's entire 8-week season.

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Press Releases/News Links

062516 StevenOsgood sh 04View articles about the Chautauqua Opera Company written by The Chautauquan Daily.

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Supers and Children's Choir

TheClowns 0151"Supers" people of all ages who volunteer their time and act as "extras" in Chautauqua Opera productions. Volunteers may perform as waiters, guards, townsfolk, etc. according to the production's needs.

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Staff & Employment

07XX16 FEAT OperaCrew CB 02Steven Osgood is the General & Artistic Director of the Chautauqua Opera Company and Carol Rausch is the Music Administrator/Chrous Master.

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Opera Company Facilities

norton hallDuring the season, the Chautauqua Opera Company uses Norton Hall and the Jane A. Gross Opera Center.

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Young Artist Program

OperaHighlightsConcert8071815 RW masterChautauqua Opera's Young Artist Program was established in 1968. Now under the supervision of Artistic/General Director Steven Osgood, and Carol Rausch, Music Administrator/Chorus Master, it is recognized as one of the best training programs for young singers in America today.

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2018 Young Artists

DSC 5641Meet our 2018 Chautauqua Opera Young Artists.

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2017 Young Artists

0708 Opera RLG01masterMeet our 2017 Chautauqua Opera Young Artists.

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Audition FAQs

IMG 5081Check out the frequently asked questions to find more information on our application, scheduling, and audition processes, as well as other general information regarding the Young Artist program.

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singin BG grouphoto 062315 master cropHere you'll find a list of Alumni from the past five years. For a full list dating back to 1969, click the PDF link below.

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Opera Invasion Grand Finale

The event plan: Each Young Artist will start at a different place on the grounds at 7:15pm, singing opera at the top of their lungs. As they walk toward Bestor Plaza, they will meet up with some of their fellow artists to form duets, trios, and quartets. Five groups will then arrive in Bestor Plaza at 7:30pm, where Steven Osgood will lead the artists and community in a sing-a-long from 7:30-7:45pm.

There are several ways you can enjoy the Opera Invasion Grand Finale!

You could pick your favorite Young Artist to follow from their starting point all the way to Bestor Plaza.

You could wait at a convergence point and follow the duet or quartet from that point.

Or you could wait at Bestor Plaza for all of the artists to converge at 7:30pm.


See the map below (or click here) for all of the artists' routes. Scroll down for a detailed list of starting and convergence points.

invasion finale map 2017















Starting points (7:15pm)
Don Pasquale chorus (purple)
Spencer - Whittier, by the Arboretum - R,8
Tascha - Bryant, far East hill - T,7
Chelsea Bolter - South Lake, by the tennis courts - S,6
Kameron - Lenna Hall - H,8

Hydrogen Jukebox cast (green)
Eric - Palestine & Whythe - M,6
Evan - South Lake Drive & Haven - Q,5
Mario - Heather's Inn on Miller - L,6
Natalie - South Terrace & Vincent - L,4
Helen - Simpson & Vincent - L,4
Chelsea Friedlander - North Lake Drive & McClintock - H,4

L'Orfeo group (orange)
Jacob - The Bell Tower - L,1
Megan - Root & Whythe, behind Bratton Theater - I,6
Alaysha - near Prendergast Playground at Turner - D,9
Ricardo - Andrews & McClintock - H,5

Hydrogen Jukebox covers (brown)
Frank - Elm st, close to the lake - B,6
Emily Howes - North Lake Drive & Evergreen - D,5
Omar - North Lake Drive & Hurst - H,4
Blake - near the Elm gate - B,8
Emily Jensen - Harper st - C,9
Tookah - Scott, near Strohl Art Center - I,7

Norinas and Ernestos (pink)
Arnold - Mabel Powers Firecircle - R,6
Laura - Emerson & Wythe- R,8
Andrew - Cookman, near the Hall of Philosophy - 6,9
Rebekah - Massey near the Main gate - L,8

Convergence points (Approximately 7:20-7:25pm)
Don Pasquale chorus (purple)
South gate - Spencer & Kameron
Hall of christ - Tascha & Chelsea Bolter
Lincoln Park - All

Hydrogen Jukebox cast (green)
Sports club - Evan, Eric & Mario
The Gleason Hotel - Natalie, Helen & Chelsea Friedlander
Miller Park - All

L'Orfeo group (orange)
Lenna Hall - Ricardo & Alaysha
The bookstore - Jacob & Megan
Palestine & Vincent Brick Walk - All

Hydrogen Jukebox covers (brown)
Pratt & Evergreen - Omar, Frank, Blake
Hedding & Palestine - Tookah, Emily Jensen, Emily Howes
Pratt & Hurst -All

Norinas and Ernestos (pink)
Smith Wilkes Hall - Laura & Arnold
Pratt & Scott - Rebekah & Andrew
Bestor Plaza -All


Grand Finale (7:30-7:45pm)
A sing-a-long in Bestor Plaza



Two Operas are preformed each summer...


Chautauqua Opera's Mission Statement

TO PRODUCE opera/music theatre of the highest quality as part of the artistic and cultural diversity that is represented at the Chautauqua Institution.

TO BUILD tomorrow's audience for opera and music theatre, both regionally and nationally, through the presentation of productions of the highest quality, using a mix of seasoned professionals and Young Artists in training.

TO NURTURE the development of Young Artists, creative staff and production personnel.

TO REINFORCE the appreciation of the standard repertoire and to broaden interest in American and non-standard works.

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Chautauqua Opera NYC (Sept.-May)
412 West 42nd Street, Suite 4E4
New York, NY 10036
Phone: 212.779.3177
Fax: 212.779.3293

Chautauqua Opera (June-August)
PO Box Q
Chautauqua, NY 14722
Phone: 716.357.6286
Fax: 716.357.3285

General/Artistic Director, Jay Lesenger: Admin@chautopera.org

General Inquiries: Info@chautopera.org

Audition Information: Auditions@chautopera.org

Director of Administration, Michael Berg: Admin@chautopera.org

Company Manager, Gabriel Estin: CompanyManager@chautopera.org