Thank you to everyone who entered our 2016 contest.

We are very pleased to announce the three winners and two runners-up of our 2017 #chqhaiku contest. Thank you again to everyone who submitted their poem we hope you join in the fun again next year!

First Place:
Every day, each hour,
for lifelong learning and love,
for all the bell tolls.
~ Joshua Johnson

Second Place
Meandering bricks
lead to enclaves of worship
Floating sacred words
~ Maria Poblete

Third Place
Violins rejoice
On this fragrant summer night
Sweet evocations
~ Susan Baruch

Honorable Mentions
Loud. Strong. FDR,
From the amphitheater stage
Cried out, "I hate war."
~ Benita Black

In a practice shack
an unknown musician plays
future masterpiece.
~ Paul Scheeler

Judging and Prizes

Chautauqua’s Education department will judge submissions once again this year. Our contest runs through November 17 and winners will be announced December 1.

• First Place Prize: 4-year CLSC membership and one 2017 CLSC book

• Second and Third Place Prize: 1-year CLSC membership and one 2017 CLSC book

• Winning poems and honorable mentions will be published in the Winter Chautauquan.


• Deadline to enter is Thursday Novemer 17, 2016. Winner announced on Thursday December 1, 2016

• The contest is open to all. Limit of 3 submissions per poet please.

• All entries on social media must be tagged #chqhaiku

• You must write your own poem about or inspired by Chautauqua. If you are helping someone else send in their submission please make sure that is clearly communicated.

• Haiku is written in 3 lines, the first and third lines have 5 syllables, and the second line has 7 syllables. (Slight modifications are acceptable).

• All poems must be "family friendly" to be accepted. If you have a question on what is considered family friendly, please email


2015 Submissions

Complete list of 2015 submissions (random order)

food for thought lectures
religion, art, music, books
inspiring one week

Nancy Gilloly

Walking the Brickwalk
Through Bestor's green, towards Thunder
A life changing stroll.


Henry Mancini’s
Thumping baby elephants
Music of my youth


Reason number one
not to be a soprano:


Chautauqua reveals
In Victorian relief
Our modern ideals

Andrew Miller

Cavalry soldier
Sets his Stetson, silver spurs,
And is,"Toujours Prêt."

Alison Albright

Whatever Season
With freedom to worship C.I.
my Thin Place

Sam Jones

Yellow eyes open.
Scan fields and plains for the pack.
Days of summer wane.

Ingrid Carvajal

Walk through the windows
of the old Athenaeum
like Edison did


Renovate the Amp
Controversy Continues
Hearts will be broken

Jim Nolan

Old bikes left at Club
Busy owners forgot them
Pick one up next year

Janet Northrup

Landscape improvements
Lakeside water garden joy
Help our lake survive

Janet Northrup

Miller Park brick walk
Serpentine trail with dim lights
Bell tower in view

Janet Northrup

Majestic Massey
We worship in your bounty
Shower us with song

Cheryl Matthews Chandola‎

first time Chautauqua
fresh air, lectures, art, music
great experience

Nancy Gilloly

See popular acts
Hear lectures on world issues
Thank You Chautauqua


Tiptoeing across
Jerusalem, gigantic
Shadows in my wake


A welcome respite
Her porches bid me welcome, And nurture my soul.


Vast lands to explore.
All fail in comparison
Chautauqua is home.

Blake Tyger

In Bestor Plaza.
Plein air painters ply their trade
The Art of the park. 


It's the Sun, the fire
that sets my world aflame
and frees me to its claim

Ingrid Carvajal

My wedding wish is
for philosophers of past
to guide us forward

Gail Martineau

Autumn leaves again
the tower bell rings again Thoughts of friend Winnie


Back to a past time
I will always remember
For me, Chautauqua

Virginia Dane-Cohen

A cultural paradise
Music, Lectures, Theatre
and more - for all

Frank J. Weinstock

Creating Connections
And Transforming Traditions
Graduation Day

Eileen Tenenbaum

Concert ends. Clapping.
Umbrellas raise. Summer rain
Trickles down the streets

Susan Trinter

On Gingerbread porch
Leafy chaperones bend down
as Teens smooch good night

Susan Trinter

thought I left early
for good seat to see Carol
all lines were blocks long

Nancy Gilloly

Hours of practice
Brings Hallelujah Chorus
Resonating joy


The Athenaeum
majestic royal splendor
the Lake's ornament

Lisa A. Johnson

Ribbons of music YOUR Chautauqua Symphony
Brings us home again

Lenelle Morse

Music of the feet:
tetrapods of teens
Sole touched memories.

Susan Trinter

A new day begins
Ethereal mist dissolves Chautauqua morning


Fronds of moist pink charm. Reveal the mystery sought.
Erupt in display.

Ingrid Carvajal

Nearly thirty years
since the Soviet visit
and not much has changed


Fronds of moist pink charm. Reveal the mystery sought.
Erupt in display.

Ingrid Carvajal

"Don't postpone joy" sign
in a Chautauqua garden.
Yes! I will return.

Karenellen Smith

The Chautauqua Porch
Flowers, family, laughter
Summer home I love

Virginia Dane-Cohen

Childhood summers there
Refectory, boats, tennis
Chautauqua wonder

Virginia Dane-Cohen

a crush of voices
melodious hymns; Sunday
morning. sermon ends.

Susan Trinter